Kafirun: Glorification of Holy Death

After playing a couple of select shows and the release of their debut EP Death Worship last year, Vancouver’s own malevolent black metal entity Kafirun have gained something of a reputation throughout the city’s underground thanks to their darkly compelling yet visceral music, unique aesthetic, and unorthodox subject matter. The band have further honed their sound and approach with Glorification of Holy Death; a release that sees the band cultivating a haunting and ritualistic atmosphere through a series of violent and deadly compositions.

Instantly revealing themselves not to be a straightforward blast-and-repeat black metal band with opening track Wings of Malevolence, Kafirun craft an impressively nightmarish and imposing atmosphere through the song’s brooding pace and almost ceremonial vocal performance. As tortured howls emanate from beneath the solemn and hypnotic drone of guitar and bass, Kafirun blend DSBM’s melancholic sound with a more traditional black metal savagery, exemplified as the track bleeds directly into the explosion of Salvation through Sin. The band’s dynamic song-writing is further reinforced throughout this assault, with the impressive vocal range especially adding texture and variation to the immersive and foreboding combination of tremolo riffs and vicious blasting.

The intensity continues on throughout the following tracks Destruction of the Divine Self and Chaos Magnum Opus, with the former building on the ominous essence of the release while the latter proves a visceral and unrelenting wall of sound. Closer Open Veins initially scales back the aggression, returning full circle to the menace and misanthropy of the EP’s beginning before offering one final blaze of searing fury. With an almost subliminal melody infusing the hoarse orations of Panzerfaust with sorrow and a thundering rhythm section carrying it all along, the track proves an emphatic culmination to a varied and dynamic black metal journey. Benefitting from its powerful production and offering a compositional approach that blends that of the early Norwegian masters with the sonic density of Portal, Aosoth et al, Glorification of Holy Death is a release that, while short, demonstrates Kafirun’s prowess as an emerging and exciting black metal force.

Released on March 3rd, 2015

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