Show Preview: Ides of Gemini & Clay Rendering in Vancouver

Presented by Unholy Noise, The Invisible Orange, and Apocalypse Sunrise Productions, Ides of Gemini and Clay Rendering will be appearing in Vancouver on July 18th, at The Media Club. This is not one to miss for fans of any and all boundary-pushing sounds, bringing doom, noise, experimental, and occult rock together for a night dripping in atmosphere and intensity.

Ides of Gemini

A haunting and heady fusion of metal’s eclectic fringes with elements of rock, drone, and dark wave, Ides of Gemini’s sound is both immersive and dream-like, drawing the listener in with the shamanistic voice of Sera Timms and hypnotizing with the band’s rhythmic, spacey compositions. With their second full-length, 2014’s Old World New Wave, the California-based trio have truly come into their own, solidifying the occult rock hooks and riffs underscoring of their sound and perfectly incorporating those spooky, doomish shades to produce a record dripping in darkly enchanting atmosphere. Offering a uniquely seductive yet catchy sound, Ides of Gemini’s performance will prove an intoxicating, unforgettable experience.

Clay Rendering

The result of an intimate artistic connection between married duo Mike and Tara Connelly, Clay Rendering’s sonic map visits drone, noise, ambient and industrial, while never settling on one style. Instead the band merges these elements to concoct enveloping, cavernously dark soundscapes – at times introspective, at times explosive, yet always enthralling. One of the most exciting and electrifying bands on the experimental/noise radar at the moment, Clay Rendering’s performance is not one to miss for appreciators of cathartic sounds that demand total emotional surrender.

With local support from:

 Elevator Compactor

Based in Vancouver, Elevator Compactor is an experimental drone and harsh noise duo.

Olde Worlde Nudists

The newest riff-merchants to emerge from Vancouver, this will be Olde Worlde Nudists very first show! Expect dumb riffs, loud noises, and to smoke a fat joint and get ready to trip balls…. very, very slowly.

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