Primitive Man – ‘Home Is Where the Hatred Is”

Primitive Man’s debut record ‘Scorn’ made a massive impact back in 2013, and while then the trio have been busy ever since releasing a collection of splits, this year’s EP ‘Home is Where the Hatred Is’ provides the most substantial taster of the horrifying, cataclysmically heavy sound the band are capable of producing since their full-length.  Consisting of four gut-wrenchingly harrowing concoctions of sludge, doom, and noise, ‘Home Is…’ hits you straight in the eardrum like a diseased concrete sludgehammer, battering your senses, blurring reality, and making you feel sick all at once, with a furiously misanthropic atmosphere dripping out of every stretched and mega-distorted chord, viciously attacked snare hit, and tortured vocal evisceration.

Opening track ‘Loathe’ begins with a jarring wall of feedback that provides the backbone to an ominous and imposing build-up of drum and bass, before the song collapses into a drawn out and hateful diatribe both musical and lyrical, with every chord evoking tension and rage. Some of the band’s most powerful moments arise throughout this track, as the drums capriciously barrage into blast-driven territory over the top of monotonous, droning guitar and bass work, with the result being an overbearing, hypnotic, and psychotically-tinged assault on your sanity. The subsequent two tracks ‘Downfall’ and ‘Bag Man’ continue within this loose framework, crawling along and building tension through drawn-out passages of massive low-end and pure vocal hatred, before flailing into raging moments of blasting, angst-driven fury, that while being about as far-removed from conventional music as possible, sound like lullabies in contrast with ‘A Marriage with Nothingness’. The closer begins with a menacing melody, half-buried in sludgy soundscapes, yet careful listening soon exposes the samples of half-tortured, half-ecstatic moans emerging from beneath the mire. The bizarre and disconcerting mix of viscerally sexual pleasure and anguish defines the truly primal undertones of Primitive Man’s music, and proves to be truly nauseating, distressing, and fucking awesome. Addictive, immersive and abjectly miserable, make sure to allow Primitive Man to wipe the smile of your face and listen to this EP.

Releases 9th FEBRUARY, 2015
Relapse Records

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